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Welcome to a small village in the Region of Murcia where you will find a different lifestyle and a history that remains unalterable from centuries ago. It is a magic place situated in the Ricote’s Valley, between Abarán and Ojós. It takes you only half an hour to get Murcia. Along this article, I’m going to explain to you a little about its rural tourism.

Rural Tourism

Rural tourism is something relatively new in the village of Blanca. I think that its boom began twenty years ago with the construction of many rural houses, which are located in different areas of the village. Nowadays, it is the most demanded tourism here due to the beautiful and peaceful nature and spaces that this village offers to the tourists.

There are about ten rural houses in total. Apart from one of them, which is located in the middle of the village, what is a disadvantage if you are looking for calm and silence, the rest of them are located in natural spaces such as mountains or near to the river. This aspect attracts to the tourists who come from a big city and look for spending some days in peace and far from the madding crowd.

There are many activities related to the nature that tourists can do here. The most common of them are hiking and rafting, but they can also do other activities such as bird watching, fishing, hunting, climbing, playing boules, swimming into the river, sunbathing on the bank of the marsh… and other alternative activities that tourists can suggest and do if it is possible.

The high season is in summer because of the great amount of people that visit Blanca for leisure reasons, over all due to the attractions and activities that the river offers. However, people also come here in winter, spring and autumn, looking for quietness and relax for forgetting the job for some days. All the rural houses are well equipped to be rented as in summer as in winter because they have all the facilities you may need depending on the season of the year. For example, the most of them have an outdoor swimming pool, good for the summertime, and a chimney, perfect for the wintertime.

There are a couple of professional associations related to the rural tourism, as about rural accommodations as about nature-related sports. Depending on which is the purpose of your trip, you will have to get in contact with one association or another.

casa rural Blancacasa rural Blanca2

Resources for rural tourism

In the village of Blanca, you can find many activities to do, almost all of them related to the nature. On the one hand, if you are a thrilling-seeker, there are activities that could be perfect for you such as trekking or rafting. If you enjoy the nature but you don’t like to run the risk, you can go hiking or cycling. On the other hand, if you are a nature-lover and you only want to feel the peace of the landscape, you can visit the orchards or go birdwatching. However, if you are interested in watching what our local culture is, you have the opportunity to watch how people elaborate traditional crafts, model with clay or manufacture objects basing on the esparto grass. In addition to all this, there are also many things that you can watch and visit such as the river, the marsh, the mountain, the castle, the virgin, the church, the Pedro Cano museum, the Town Hall, the Tourism Office, the library, etc.

descenso río Seguradescenso río Segura2

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